10 Top Tips for promoting your BMC Page

Hi all,

As I’m currently sitting at home and working on my free fitness app 3moves.club, I challenged myself to come up with 10 ideas to promote your buy me a coffee page.

Here they are:

  1. Turn your BMC url into a QR code and print it on flyers, cards, shirts: you can find a free QR code generator over if you click this link

  2. Print an actual coffee mug with your URL on it and take it everywhere you go :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Do shout-outs on social if people buy you a coffee: your fans will feel appreciated and fans who don’t will see it to and maybe consider it.

  4. Offer a time-bound coffeelink: ex. A Q&A session with all people who buy you a coffee during a 3 day period. Announce when you will post this coffeelink, remove it after 3 days, and do the Q&A. Eventually link to a Google form where they can fill out their questions or details for a livestream.

  5. Do paid posts and tease about them on your social media channels.

  6. Personalize your ‘Coffee’ to a word that suit your brand’s needs more if needed: ex. a cocktail, a martini stirred not shaken, a piece of pizza, a new pencil if you’re an artist… you get the idea. You can then use this as kind of a ‘running joke’ —> ‘I’m out of pizza again’ in your community.

  7. Collect testimonials of people who bought you a coffee. With the new social sharing images BMC launched recently, you can literally quote your supporters. Supercool. If people see someone is happy about something you’ve created, they are more eager to take a look. Ask your friend for testimonials on why your work is awesome if you have no supporters yet. If it’s good, they will do it.

  8. Remember why you are doing this. People buy WHY you are doing something, not WHAT you are doing. Read that again. WHY not WHAT.

  9. Post pictures of what you do with the money / coffees. People like it when their money is well spent. Create a goal. Post about what you are doing with the coffees.

  10. Keep creating and engaging in communities that need YOUR help/entertainment/skills. By helping people out of letting them try things out for free, you will not only get good karma, but also a coffee or two.

I hope this helped, feel free to comment your thoughts!


@nightsky All great tips. Thanks for sharing.

Bookmarking this for reference, thank you for sharing your top 10 tips, @nightsky . I love the idea of turning the BMC link to a QR code!

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Amazing tips, thank you so much @nightsky!

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Great tips! I really like the QR idea. :slight_smile:

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Some really good tips, @nightsky !

I have a retro tech blog, and I ensure that at end of my articles, I include a link to my BMC page.


@DavidB I did something similar and added my BMC button and a message in my blog template so it automatically shows at the end of every article.

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That’s a great idea, @WolfeWithAnE That way it never gets missed.

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Hi <3 Since you all wanna print a coffe design I make these stickers commissions are free so feel free to use this one to share your link :wink:

Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-21 a la(s) 4.41.38 p. m.


Amazing tips! :100: @nightsky

Great suggestions, thanks for putting this together. Something for me to play around with this weekend!

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This is great information thank you! I’m
New here and still learning. This has given me great ideas!

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interesting tips! I’ll take a couple! thank :thinking: :smiley:

That was helpful! Thank you for information(´꒳`)

Thanks a lot for sharing these tips with us. I’ve been thinking about doing a QR code out of my Insta profile and your advices came at perfect timing!


Useful tips

I like that.