[2020 Update] How to add link in Tiktok bio?

Tiktok in its 2020 new update allows adding clickable links to bio on your Tiktok profile.

Where to find it?
Open Tiktok Mobile App->Edit Profile->Add Website

PS: Heard it’s not active for a few (be patient), to others enjoy promoting Buy Me A Coffee link and directing to your page/work on your Tiktok videos.



Hey @Felix_Josemon, thanks for this tip! Hoping that the “Add Website” becomes active for everyone but in the meantime, adding your BMC on your bio can suffice. Yay!

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Tiktok bio are still unclickable for many tiktok creators, Let’s hope they be clickable bio links in this 2020 itself. Clickable links in Tiktok bio will be a massive benefit for all tiktok creators alike. Other tiktok followers will easily be able to find more details of the tiktokers along with option to support or treat via virtual coffees. Looks like we have a Tiktok Category page here on Buy Me A Coffee as well: [https://www.buymeacoffee.com/explore/tiktok](Make Money On Tiktok as a Buy Me A Coffee creator)

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Besides guide to on how to put link in Tiktok bio, I have also wrote on how to make money on Tiktok, Also details how much one can earn using Tiktok. Website can also be added on Tiktok bio.

Hi, my bio only allows Instagram and YouTube links no website links… do you know how to change that?

@Bellaa are you using Tiktok on Android or iOS? How may followers do you have on Tiktok account?

im having the same problem :confused: Im trying to start a small business so I only have 40 followers…do you know how many I need?

It wasn’t available for us initially, then the option appeared as soon as we hit 1,000 followers.