[2020 Update] Which's the best link in bio tools you use? Shorby, Linktree, Linkinbio Alternatives

Are you currently using Shorby, Linktree, Linkinbio or some other alternative tools on your bio, to attach links to other profile including instagram, tiktok, facebook, youtube or maybe even Buy Me a Coffee? If yes, what do create as a creator and what’s your use-case in using the those tools? How often do you update contents in those bio tools? Does it serves your need or do you use them as there isn’t best or better one out there?

I don’t use any fancy bio linking tools, just the URL of my personal website which in turn links to my other online presences. Sometimes social platforms provide more linking opportunities than it seems:

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I was using LinkTree for a while, but decided to steer people to my blog instead. The link page services are one more step where you can lose people. And steering them to a page on your own domain gives you more credit with the search engines.


Hi @Felix_Josemon, I’ve discovered the Milkshake app a few months ago, their creators call it “Insta website”, as you can only put one link in your bio. I don’t use any of them because I don’t have many links to add, yet. I’ll leave the link here, in case you might want to have a look. Greetings :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Alessia. I wasn’t aware of this link in bio tool. Looks interesting. Giving it a try.

Question: How many links do you think would make one consider and use link in bio tools? What’s your opinion on it?

I think those link aggregators are worth using them when you have 3 or more URL, especially on Instagram, where you can only put one link in your bio. I have only my website link in my bio, but since I joined Buy Me a Coffee and will work on the Italian version of my website (the current one is in English), I might use one of those aggregators.

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