3 issues in desperate need of updates!

Maybe that was overdramatic :grin: but…

1: I just wrote a load of interesting text in an email to a supporter and decided it would make a great post. But to my surprise the bmac post editor does not seem to allow pasting text!

2: I just stumbled across a 10 day old question from a member in the comments thread of an older post. They must feel neglected - I really need to get alerted about comments!

3: Both the above supporters wanted to engage directly with me and tried first through bmac but its not working for us. Whatever happened to the chat feature that has now disappeared from my page? I was looking forward to trying it! And I need somewhere to point members who want to communicate and know they’ll be heard!

Please advise


Yes, I’m up to 42 posts in my feed and I would hate to have to keep reviewing them every day to see if anyone has bothered to comment on any of them. Some sort of notification system is essential for reliable communication with supporters.

I’ve also seen some people with a Chat option on their BMC page, but I can’t seem to find any option in my account. :slightly_frowning_face:

@Alastair, @DavidB Thank you, Al. These are valid concerns, and the team is already on it.

  • Email alerts for comments is going live today :+1:
  • ‘Pasting’ bug is a known issue. @liyasthomas is on top of it. Quick fix for now - paste it somewhere else to make it ‘plain text’ and then paste it to BMC editor.
  • We semi-retired the Chat feature for creators without chat activity. The product was slow and not up to our usual standards. I’ll be happy to re-enable it for you, but I’d wait, as we’re working on a much better implementation for community engagement. For now, posts (and emails) are the best way to communicate with the members.

That’s fantastic, jijo! I can understand why the chat feature was disabled if it wasn’t quite up to standard. Not a big concern for me. I think the email notifications for comments is much more important to have, anyway.

Please pass along my thanks to your team for the great work!


Thanks for the response Jijo, I figured you and the team would be on it :+1:

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I tried pasting the text into an online plain text editor https://www.editpad.org/ then copying it from there and pasting it into a pose but it still didn’t work

Hi @Alastair,
Thanks for the quick reply!

Our engineering team is working on the issue regarding paste functionality with post editor. Will update here ASAP when the fix is live.

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If you use Chrome, paste with Ctrl+Shift+V, which removes formatting. It may work in other browsers, too.


Copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) seems to work just fine for creating new posts for me, using Pale Moon as my web browser. So, it’s working in some browsers, if this information helps anyone.

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Issue #2 has just bitten me. I didn’t realize I had a supporter comment to a post, but it was fortunately “just” 4 days old.

Notifications are a welcome feature, but they work only for new comments.


Bummer. We’re designing a few solutions (such as a comments page for the dashboard). I’ll keep you posted!


I still can’t paste text into a new post. But let me elaborate:

I’m using chrome on mac.

I am copying text out of an email in Gmail on the same browser. No combination of pasting commands works into the body text area of a new post in BMAC. However it does work into the title area. Then if I select the pasted title, copy, and paste it into the body text area it works. But that limits me to a short paragraph at a time because the title area curtails the text.

I have tried pasting the text into the ‘editpad.org’ plain text editor, copying it back out from there, and pasting again but still nothing appears. Same with trying it via ‘notes’ on the mac.

If I copy short things from elsewhere, like the URL from chrome, pasting works.

I tried copying short excerpts directly from gmail but still it didn’t work.

Just now I tried copying short excerpts via notes on the mac and it was strange, it mostly didn’t work then sometimes just a fragment appeared.

I hope this is helpful for you to fix it!!

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OK, further update, and this is weird.

In Gmail I went to the 3 dots at top right of the email in question (in my sent box) and chose ‘show original’. Then I copied the text and it DID paste into the bmac post, but in a retro font, white with a black background. And it couldn’t be properly edited.

I deleted that and I tried another tactic - I went back to the gmail ‘original’ text, and clicked ‘download original’. Once it had downloaded, I double clicked on it and it opened in the mac mail program. I selected and copied the text from there, and now pasting into the BMAC post worked just fine!!

It’s a weird glitch, and I don’t know how much it needs fixing if its only a problem for the rare case of copying text from Gmail.

Next time I write an email that I might choose to include parts of in a post, I will be sure to write it elsewhere first!!

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Our engineering team has fixed the Copy + Paste issue in development environment. After running some internal tests, the fix will be available in the platform. Thanks for the patience.

Update: Updated Post Editor is live :tada:
Enjoy better text detection, markdown support and NEW: Post scheduling feature!

Have a nice weekend :wave: