A new, faster BMC for you 🌟

Some exciting news for y’all!

We’ve been hard at work at HQ these past few weeks, as we witnessed COVID-19 engulf nations and with it, jobs, livelihoods, any sense of what “normal” is.

But instead of fear, what we also saw was an incredible surge of creativity on BMC. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of COVID-19 initiatives on the platform as well as thousands of affected creators get the support and membership they need from their audience.

We’ve been so inspired by this that we worked tirelessly to make sure that we bring you the features you’ve requested specially at this time.

drum roll please

All new homepage

Categories is finally here which we will use to showcase creators on the homepage. You can now search over 300 niches (or add a new one), giving you a chance to discover more creators and be discovered.

Your page just got an upgrade

You can now also add a “one-liner” bio to your page to succinctly let your supporters know what you’re all about or what you’re working on. We’ve also improved the mobile view with this update.

Want to highlight your Membership option? You can choose to make it the default widget (from your Membership settings)! New members can now leave a comment (just like supporters) and will also be listed on the page.

Better supporter experience

Your supporters get hella love too, as we’re rolling out an improved experience for them. Logged in users/past supporters can now see your latest posts so they can be up to date on what you’re working on. A supporter app is also in the works, launching very soon. rocket

What seemed normal just a couple of weeks ago has been upended by COVID-19. We’re with many of those who have lost their jobs and their livelihood. At a time when nothing is certain, we’ve always believed in the power of human creativity and community to give us hope and sustain us.

What do y’all think? We’d love to get your feedback and as always, thank you and keep creating :pray:

P.S. More good news on the way, we’ll share tomorrow :wink:


Very nice design !

But on dashboard, the design is broken, also with force clear cache + F5.

Thanks @thomasbnt! It looks fine on my end but I’ll have the team check it out as well. Will keep ya posted!

I don’t know if I did anything to fix the design other than disabling my ad blocker, but the design came back clean.

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Glad it did (our team has been working on it nonstop) :raised_hands:

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Great work! Thanks to the team for all of your efforts!


Thank you, @DavidB! I’ll share your comment on our Slack :slight_smile:


Nice tune-up @pia! Is there a way to be listed in the “Explore Creators” section of the homepage without having more supporters? Or is that how it’s designed?

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That’s right, it is designed to surface the most supported creators in every category. Good news is that you can pick a small niche and be featured on top. Feel free to add new categories too, we’re approving around 50 new ones every day.


Thanks @jijo - I’m a master of #FlashFiction. King of that one! :upside_down_face: