A possible bug in the Post editor?

I’m not sure if I’ve found a bug, or if I’m just doing something wrong. But today I added a post to my BMC feed and I got this version of the editor (see screenshot below). Notice that it doesn’t have any of the formatting tools.

Yet, when I go and edit an older post in my feed, I see this version of the editor (see below). It does have the formatting tools.

Is this bug or am I missing something?


It’s the new editor, not a bug :grin:

Please select the text to see formatting options. If you go to a new line, you’ll see a “+” option which you can use to add headings, images and videos. LMK if that works, and sorry for the confusion!


Ah, so it’s indeed like WordPress Block Editor. I knew it feels familiar.


Ah, thank you, @jijo! I understand now.

Yes, highlighting the text does show the formatting options. I was just confused there because this one post looked different from the others, when in Edit mode. All is good! :smile: