A quick check in 👋

Saw this from Teju Cole today, and I thought I’d do the same:

How are you doing? What’s working for you? What’s helping you?


Hi @pia,

I’m fine working on local projects, I’m currently sending donations to Philippines Foundations and Charity to help with COVID-19 relief goods.


My jobby job went to reduced hours, so I have every other week to work on my personal business, which is nice. The only downside, my main app is tied to the same industry that my jobby job is, so currently, people don’t want to spend $1.99 on an app that they won’t use for another month or two. I understand that.

I’ve been able to take that extra time and put in another live stream every other week, and I’m going to start using more of that time for blog posts

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Hey @warengonzaga, glad you’re doing fine. And kudos for being able to send donations! Would love to know more about this initiative–seeing a lot of different projects too on FB so it’s been heartwarming :slight_smile:

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Hey @appsbymw, sorry to hear about your job though I’m glad you now have extra time on working on your livestream. What are you learning at the moment?

It’s alright! It’s a blessing in disguise I think. Allows me to put more time towards live-streaming my app work and to learn some Swift practices that I didn’t know.

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I just meet my $200 goal to donate it to the Philippine Foundations and Charities… thanks to BMC for the help!


Nothing is happening nor working over here at the moment… Haven’t got a penny to my name so decided to finally come on here after months of procrastinating and worrying, and I’m still pretty new here lol heh Xx

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Hey @psychotica, sorry to hear that! Have you been promoting your BMC page?