A wonderful greetings to you all!

Wonderful greetings to you all!

I’m a (part-time) streamer on Facebook Gaming using my Facebook page and I write fan-fiction set in the world of Black Desert Online. You can read it on the Official Black Desert Forum and on my website (Shameless plug, I’m sorry).

There’s nothing of note about me, I’m just your average Juan Dela Cruz who loves to play video games and write stories. I’m not like most streamers who are good at what they do, whether their skills or talents or even have an excellent face or personality… but I do what I can and just love what I do.

Hopefully, I’ll improve as time went by.


Hi there, Filipino senior developer is here also! :wink: good to see you here.


Nice to meet you @warengonzaga!

To be honest, I feel like a fish out of water because this is the time that I finally decided to monetize the contents that I do.

I’m glad that Buy Me A Coffee made this Creator Community so I can learn from other creators and try to improve as time went by.


Greetings, @Ibarra9510 I wish you much success with your on-line adventures! Don’t worry about how much talent you may or may not have; first and foremost, just enjoy yourself. At least, that’s how I look at what I do on my own blog. I don’t have much writing talent, but I enjoy what I do.

I have had a handful of nice comments, over the years, so being able to bring some enjoyment to even just a few people is a nice bonus. But, my blog is just a way for me to release some creativity… So, I say, focus on that and you can’t go wrong.



Thank you for the kind words @DavidB! Yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing, I’ll just enjoy what I do. I agree, bringing enjoyment to even just a handful of people is enough.


Hi again @Ibarra9510 and @warengonzaga, fellow Pinay over here. Happy to see you both on BMC :pray: :philippines:


Oh, cool! Glad to be here and thank you for the warm welcome @pia! I’m looking forward to grow with Buy Me A Coffee and alongside each and every one of the creators here.


For real? This is mind-blowing lol… BMC is about to be famous on my page… the preview image feature is getting more engagement than before… when you start to use the interesting title in your members-only posts.