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My name is Alexander, I created https://tarta.ai/. Itโ€™s a bot that helps people find jobs. The can bot check open jobs and connect you with top tech companies.

Currently, weโ€™re focused on remote jobs only. Please check out the bot and let me know what you think https://tarta.ai.


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Itโ€™s taken about a year, but I fnally feel like Iโ€™ve found my groove with my blog/newsletter/podcast #RealTalk (https://realtalk.substack.com).

For the podcast, #RealTalk in Real-time, my last episode has gotten the most downloads to-date! Iโ€™d love some feedback if anyone is interested >> https://realtalk.substack.com/p/badassery-courage-under-fire-with

Iโ€™m doing short seasons for the podcast, only 8 episodes (2 more to go). I could use some support (and guests) for Season 2 TY! :smiley:


Love the Midlife article! Congrats!

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Thank you and thanks for subscribingโ€ฆ and commenting! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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