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A Journey of Rebirth and rebuilding.

Briefly, I’m a Father, Husband and I am lucky to be alive.

I’ve survived the worst 2 years of my life. I lost my company to a swindler that stole everything I build over 20 years, I lost everything. But I’m a capable man though I was desperate I partnered up with another company returned to work a committed man. Determined to climb out of a whole of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. Then it happened again. They lied. They were broke. I lost everything I had left but my wife and kids. In 24 months I went for lower middle class and happy, to just shy of a millionaire and debt free on my way to a life of freedom, to broke and desperate. Then in the fight to survive the attorneys showed up and they betrayed us as well. The dream was over and I had no joy left. I humbled myself and begged for my old job and got it, little did I know it was only so my old boss could get even. 5 months later after making them another 3/4 of a million I was released on a contractual loophole based on Covid 19 cases in Spain.

We lost everything.

My Podcast, My Book, My Project, My Story, My Educational Program, and everything else you see on my page here and the associated links it what happens when someone that is consider one of the best in his field loses everything and everyone closest to him except His Wife, His Son’s and few friends and family members.

Everything you see is our fight back. Our fight to keep a home over our kids heads. Our fight for my children to pursue their hobby and passion. My desperate longing to produce something that matters in the world and be able to provide for my family again. I’ve been a good, ethical and faithful father and husband for 17 years and at 39 years of age I have nothing left.

This may sound like the set up of a fictional story. It is not this is my life. I will not hide from my journey. for it is through my journey that others may heal and grow.

we have not raised a penny on this website. I’ve never asked for anything in life and no one has ever offered. But we have began a journey to look at life and do life in a very different way. We invite you to join us. I’m fragile. I am careful who I listen to as I’ve be burned before, and often, but we would love your help and support.

Matt Habuda and Family

Hi, I am new to the site. I hope you will be patient with me while I try to figure it out. I would love for you to check my page and help me find supporters. I feel a little lost at the moment, and thankyou.

Hello I’m a writer and poet. I live in a small village in rural France. I am pleased to meet you.

Once upon a time - A long time ago - I found myself in Paris. I would enjoy sitting in the cafΓ©s of Montmartre and St Germain and engaging in stimulating conversation about well, life, art, painting, writing , hopes and dreams. The atmosphere was electric. At once inviting and energizing. We would encourage and help one another freely . As naturally as breathing. Every such encounter left me inspired and abounding with creative energy. I wonder why I find myself recalling this now? Is it possible that we could share with each other like that? It is possible I know.
I look forward to getting to know you.