Benefits of Using Blog Analytics

Hi guys!

I finally gained some momentum to regularly write new articles on my blog, which has been a struggle for a while. I found for me that setting myself up with a simple blog analytics tool, that I can gather a lot of motivation from seeing the numbers grow slowly but steadily.

Been writing an article to sum up why I believe analytics can be very useful to develop and keep at it when it comes to writing consistently:

I never liked Google Analytics, as I found it way too complex, over-engineered and not transparent in terms of data tracking. But I just learned that other solutions actually exist. :blush:

Also sharing a link to my analytics dashboard in my article, as I decided to make it public, because… why not? :thinking:

Would like to hear about your experiences and how using analytics has been beneficial to you.


@consistentbenny I thoroughly enjoy your posts since I’m contemplating many of the same things right now. Ironically this weekend I connected my blog to Statcounter.

I was Google Analytics certified last year at the place I was working, and GA has served my blog needs as well. But I’ve decided to do my best to get away from tracking cookies (or anything but Girl Scout cookies, for that matter). GDPR compliance now requires that blog visitors give permission to my site to have GA put a tracking cookie in their browser. That cookie checkbox is one more step that can increase bounce rate and lead to mistrust in readers, since cookies can be used for nefarious purposes.

Statcounter has an option to turn off tracking cookies altogether. Like you, I don’t want sensitive data on my readers, just some basics to show site growth and understand which articles are the most popular. Statcounter is free to track your latest 500 pageviews.

I haven’t turned off GA yet. I’d like to understand the discrepancies between SC and GA before I do.


I agree with your points. I actually think, with the ongoing development of enforced consent and opt-in methods, users will start to realize that something is going wrong and will appreciate websites that do not come with such a frustrating experience.

I still embed a cookie consent banner in my website, but only to highlight that I’, not tracking any day. I’m not sure if people actually read it or click it away like any other banner, but I feel that might help also to raise awareness on the issue.

Will have a look at Statcounter! :slight_smile:


A very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

Fortunately, my web-host provider offers me a range of traffic metric tools for my domain, which provide me with the information that I want/need. As far as I know, they respect the privacy of those who visit my website.

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