BMAC Needs Official Hashtags

Like other platforms, they each have their own hashtags to make it easier for fans and supporters to reach out to them like #patreoncreator , #kofi , #supportmeonpatreon , etc. Do we have our own hashtags too? If not, BMAC should make some and make it official. Put them on Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt and Facebook so we can spread BMAC like wildfire!

Here are some suggestions:

  • #bmac_creator
  • #supportmeonbmac
  • #bmacartist
  • #bmac_commission

The general acronym surfacing here is BMC. The problem is that it (as well as BMAC) reference many other things in existing hashtags. I think #supportmeatbmc may be a good place to start. Currently no hashtags for it when googled.


I’m fine with that. #bmc it is then. Let’s make it official, BMC Team!