#BMCReview Drop your BMC landing page for Review (Buy Me a Coffee review)

Comment your Buy Me a Coffee page and I will review it.

I am listed as #1 Marketing Creator on Buy Me a Coffee.

My story on how I got 130+ supporters in just 5 days.

BMC page: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixbmc

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Impressive work @Alessia!!!

The color violet matches well. Current website needs a lot of work, can ditch it for BMC landing page by including stuffs here as pinned posts(For Testimonials example) or as Extra offerings. Can promote BMC page instead on bio and places. If you have multiple links, can use link in bio tools like Linktree.

Can start thinking of offering Art commissions, and other offerings as Extra’s specific to your niche.

Could replace coffee or tea, to just one item. You may also use custom emoji, can be specific to your creator brand.

Could be active on #commisionsopen and other popular hashtags on social media. Give a special offer for first supporters, and ask them to give a shoutout once delivered.

Make use of Buy Me a Coffee Stickers on story and tag spread the word. Ask top influencers to give a shoutout. Nurture the relations and build a great list of supporters(They are your future promoters). Commissions Open Podcast is a something you can regularly look forward for how art commission creators are making it work.

Could promote as videos on Youtube for the sketches as tutorials etc. Offer Behind the scenes as an Extra or to Member-Only using BMC memberships. Take inspirations from Drawing, Painting, Sketchbook and Commission Creators on Buy Me a Coffee

One more bonus tip: Youtuber Salma Jafri offers tips to build a personal brand on Internet. Small videos with massive value(She also has an active Facebook Group). Recommended!

Happy to help further, Let me know specific doubts in this or other threads:)

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Thank you so much @Felix_Josemon! Lots of useful insights!
Website isn’t the best, I need to upgrade to have more options and I’m not taking care of it as I should.
Didn’t know there are Buy Me a Coffee Stickers on Instagram…
Can’t thank you enough for all these precious info!

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My pleasure. Just aiming to open source the information & key growth learnings here.

Who wants to get their BMC page reviewed next?

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Fine me here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ambienthouse

Find me here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/writerscraft