Coffee Companion a coffee brewing app


I’m making a coffee brewing iOS app, called Coffee Companion, and keeping a log of what I do on my Buy Me a Coffee page!

I stream and work on it every Monday at 1pm CDT on my Twitch. I’m 4 live streams in and am so close to having a TestFlight version ready. I’ll post a link in my next update once the TestFlight is ready. You can read the latest update and watch the video here.

Let me know what you think! You can always catch more screenshots and stuff on my twitter.


Here’s the link to stream #5! Each week I get closer to release.

If you like where it’s going and use at least iOS 13, then you might be interested in trying out the TestFlight version. It’s an open beta that I can increase the number if needed.

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I’m in the pilot seat. :slight_smile:

A few thoughts:

  1. Option for US measurements. Call us old fashioned, but we use volume measurements like tablespoons and cups or ounces and pints here.

  2. Maybe a spot for brewing notes?

Keep up the great work.

Awesome! Thanks for joining! I’m still working on the design each Monday. Feel free to add any other things to the GitHub repo, and I’ll work on getting them to the Trello to be put in place.

My plans include to add brewing notes but I for some reason haven’t added it to the Trello! But it’s been added now as one of the v1 features.

As to the US measurements, that will also be added at some point! I think Swift has a way to do these conversions pretty easily like grams to mL to oz. I chose grams first due to that’s how most people I’ve seen measure coffee and water.

I also want to add a way to say you want 2 cups of coffee each 10oz and it give you the amount of coffee and water needed based off of that. This is going to require a bit of a different design though, but I think it would be really beneficial.

Thanks again for joining and giving some feedback!

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You’re most welcome.

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Here’s the link to stream #7! Which means Beta 3 should be out soon.

If you want to go for a TestFlight (be part of the beta program), make sure to register here. Also @WolfeWithAnE this beta adds brew notes!

If you wanna watch me work, you can catch it on Friday at 1pm CDT on my Twitch.

@appsbymw Cool to watch this develop. Sent feedback through TestFlight. BTW: “voters” in my feedback should be “covers”.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ve got it logged!

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Happy to hepp.

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