Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Hi all. I’m new here.
I have set up a page as I’m trying to raise funds for a family in need. Their baby Hope was born 14 weeks premature in the peak of covid19 and is fighting meningitis In hospital. The family are unable to work due to the virus.

To do this I have to push myself really hard.
I aim to complete a million steps within 3 months.
After a traumatic childhood i have just been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder at the age of 39 and I have had depression and anxiety for many years. I rarely leave the house due to this and going out is extremely difficult for me.
I want to get better and feel free.
To do this I want to help someone so I am forced not to let people down.

Anyone else suffer with these disorders?
I’d love to connect.
Stay safe people xx


Hey there, thank you so much for sharing your story here & on behalf of the BMC team–lots of love to you and your family :two_hearts:

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Hi! I have CPTSD too; crappy childhood plus military service. I feel you.

Im a Med student and I have been battling with Anxiety and Depression my whole life, I is not easy but with the right help it gets so much better, please look for a good professional to assist you and have hope it does get better. <3 lots of love. I make these stickers and I tough well why not share them with you.

I think of them as a funny way to share awareness, I have anxiety ones too so feel free to ask me to do one for YOU :wink:

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