Creator page URLs for membership and one-time contributions

The payment widget on a creator page has two tabs, membership and one-time contributions. Would it be possible to have separate URLs for opening the page with the focus set to a specific tab, such as for membership and for one-time contributions?

This would make it easier to create frictionless call to action links that open the page straight to the desired option, save a click, and reduce confusion.


@PaoloAmoroso totaly agreed!

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Yes, this makes great sense.

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I like this idea!

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Absolutely! It’s a great idea. I’ll chat with the team about implementing this. Thank you!

Meanwhile, you can now change your default widget tab from your Membership settings page. This feature just went live with the new redesign.


I saw this feature, and I think it’s awesome! I prefer for people to see the one time option rather than the membership.


Between memberships, one-time contributions, and extras, creator pages are getting a bit crowded with purchasing options. It would be useful to have separate URLs or #anchors for individual extras, too.

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