Delete surline on links

Hello, I created a new post on my BMC profile. The presentation is very important for me, and my link to my project is surlined and I think it’s losing its charm a little bit.

Look for yourself, feel free to highlight what you want :


Hmm. @thomasbnt, I haven’t tried it in a post, but since it works here in the comment editor, can you use an inline style for the link? Like my blog link here? It appears to remove the underline and preview and leaves the link orange. Here the code:

<a href="" style="text-decoration: none;">blog link here</a>

No html, on BMC you can edit only in markdown

Forwarding this to the team, thanks for letting us know!

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Hi @thomasbnt,

We’ve made a tiny change that will make hyperlinks more attractive!

  • Removed janky underlined text-decoration
  • Added profile accent color to foreground color.

Hope this will make your links stand out :sparkles:

:gift: Bonus tip: Instead of using bare URLs for links, try adding a “Call to action” such as “Grab you copy!” or “Visit my homepage”.


Thanks for this feature!