Developer and Cybersecurity Researcher

Hello, Everyone!

I’m your friendly guy here at BMC. What I do is making websites, open-source projects for web development and hacking, creating DIY and Tech blog, bug bounty, creating pen-testing tools, creating YouTube gaming contents and more!

Currently, I have a security bug report for BMC but until now I didn’t receive any response from them. I hope they will reply from my email.

This is a good community!
If you want to support me you can go to my BMC page!


Hey @warengonzaga! :wave: Welcome to the community! :orange_heart:

Our security team takes these things very seriously and when they find something critical they respond right away. I’ll ask the team to look into your issue, you will hear from them very soon. Thank you for taking the time to report this. :blush:

PS: I’m moving this to our Bugs category :bug:


Alright, that’s why I love coffees lol… buymeacoffee team is taking care the security seriously and I love that!