Directing visitors to BMC page for comments

I guess this is not really a “tip” or “trick”, but I thought I’d share one way I’m utilizing my Buy Me A Coffee account.

Over the past couple of months, due to spammers, I’ve been shutting down comment sections on my personal blogging sites. Rather than having to monitor and remove comments left by spammers and bots, I’ve been redirecting people to my BMC page if they want to leave me a comment. What I’ve been doing is creating an abbreviated mirror post, of what I’ve written about on my blogging site, here on my BMC account. Then I link them together with appropriate URLs.

From what I’ve experienced so far, my BMC account has not been inundated with spammer activity. Redirecting people to my account also improves the chances of them buying me a “coffee”.


@DavidB what a brilliant idea. Thanks for putting this out there to think about.

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Glad you found it useful @pwitham :+1: