Enabled Auto-Tweet (using Zapier) & Earned $1000 in 5 days

Here’s my Twitter Analytics for past 5 days, what happened all of sudden? I just integrated Buy Me a Coffee Zapier integration to Auto-Tweet. The result was huge and instant.

So every time someone treats me with a cup of coffee, a tweet is sent(see pic below for reference).

Advanced: Target keywords on the auto tweet in order to get attention of potential supporters. My keyword for focus was “Hey Invite Code”

I had written more on how it went viral on my medium blog here. Who’s interested in final case study and more such tips here?

Here’s my Buy Me a Coffee page and earnings dashboard while writing this. Happy to answer any questions and share my learnings here with you all:)


I just enabled Zapier to tweet thanks to my supporter!


For those looking to automatically Tweet whenever you get a new supporter, here’s how to do so.

Steps to integrate Auto-Tweet with Zapier and Buy Me a Coffee

  1. Go to Buy Me a Coffee Zapier Integration page and click on Twitter. (here’s link: Auto-Tweet )

  2. Click on Try It Button

  3. You will be asked to sign up and login. Do that.

Here’s screen you will be seen afterwards

  1. Login to your Buy Me a Coffee account and click “Continue”.

You will be asked to test trigger to see if everything’s right. Click on Test Trigger

Once you do that, you are in for customisation of Tweet which you want to tweet out.

  1. Click continue and login to your Twitter account as instructed.

Now you can customize the tweet you want to sent out each time when you get a new support on Buy Me a Coffee.

Here’s how I done it. I personalised the tweet to include in supporter’s name as well as supporter comment share link.

  1. Once that’s done, it’s time to test and see if works. Click Test and Continue.

If everything worked properly, your account will sent a test tweet similar to this(Notice the tweet source as Zapier, Yes, It works):

  1. Final step is turn ON the template we created, so that this will be automatic each time.
    Screenshot 2020-06-29 17.11.10

Let me know if you have done this and share your results before and after this Twitter Automation:)


There is a support article as well: https://help.buymeacoffee.com/en/articles/4217669-setting-up-auto-tweets-with-zapier by @anaswara