Getting basic traffic data *without* Google Analytics

I spotted a noticeable increase of the visits to my Buy Me A Coffee page and was curious about where it came from. Which made me think it would be useful to have some basic traffic data such as a breakdown of the main traffic sources, without Google Analytics.

This feature request may seem strange coming from a Google enthusiast like me. And I’d indeed love to use Google Analytics. But most sites that integrate with Google Analytics, like Buy Me A Coffee if I understand correctly, don’t provide out ot the box the level of control required to comply with GDPR.

GDPR requires sites to wait for site visitors to grant permission to use third-party cookies before allowing those cookies, and not use the cookies if the consent is not granted. Most sites instead go ahead and allow the Google Analytics cookies anyway.

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Not a strange request at all. In fact, team is already on it :innocent:


It looks great, looking forward to trying it.

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Very cool.