Google analytics showing other pages

So I’m running into something on my Google analytics. It’s showing other creators’ slugs that I’ve looked at.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 8.54.43 AM

The bottom two pages in the picture are not my pages.

Is this a bug with the integration with Buy Me a Coffee and Google Analytics?

I guess you should remove your IP from google analytics?

Thanks for reporting! This is a known issue. Team is issuing a hotfix in a bit.

@warengonzaga that’s my plan, but it still shouldn’t show other pages. It shouldn’t track my movements from my page to another user’s page.

Thanks @jijo!! The team is really quick to respond :smile:


Yes they are! When I report a security bug they response so quickly… they are serious about making their system effective and reliable. Kudos to founder @jijo

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:muscle::orange_heart:you’re welcome!