Hello fellow creators running on coffee!

Hi there! :raised_hands:

I am running a small blog that I am dedicating fully to an ad-free user experience, therefore experimenting with new things to still maybe be able to generate a small income from it someday. After learning about Buy Me A Coffee I was eager to integrate a button into my articles, as it seems like a great approach to offer a way of support to any content creator in an uncomplicated way.

I write about my online business efforts, mainly for now around the print on demand business, but also about content creation, with a focus on keeping it free from advertising.

This is it, if you want to take a look: https://consistentme.com

Glad to get involved and to have learned about BMAC!

Benny :blush:


Welcome to Buy Me A Coffee family!

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I am a photographer from Hong Kong. After checking out different platform. I am very happy today that I have chosen BuyMeACoffee as my partner!

FB / IG: WingLiuPhoto