Hello From Nairobi, Kenya

Hello. Am Fred from Nairobi, the greenest city under the sun. Excited to learn more.

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Welcome @bitcademy. I’m curious what you do and what you’d like to accomplish here on BMC Fred.

Hello Wolfe. Thanks for the input. Am building a P2P services exchange, where people provide services and users access services at a fee. It’s sort of like an online shopping platform but for services. The target market is Africa where there are peculiar services that users would like someone to do for them. For instance, some users do not know how to open an email address, register a domain name for a website, open a facebook page, open a youtube channel. Could someone buy is as a service, and get a confirmation if it has been done? Just my thought. Of course I’d like ideas from the great BMC.

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Cool. Good luck with your startup.