Hello here; I'm Thomas!

Hello everybody !
I’m new on BMC, formely on Patreon. I migrated cause BMC is more fast and more optimized to look at.

I’m Thomas, 20 years old and French web developer maintly Front-end. I prefer Cappuccino with music. But no problem for :coffee: :smile:

If you are curious about me, see my website writed in French language. I created a Discord bot with Unsplash API for showing beautiful pictures named Splash Everyday. This project is in English, don’t worry about it.

But the most project i’ve got since 2017 is a another Discord bot for French people. It is used to moderate insults but also spam. This name is Mr. Robøt.


Welcome @thomasbnt. Glad to have you here.

I’d be curious to hear how your strategy for using BMC differs from your strategy on Patreon.

Simply because Patreon is super slow to load. You must create an account to become a Boss. And it’s a waste of time. Then BMC has a clearer design/dashboard. Even if Patreon has a much more complete one, simplicity can also be enough.

Then the button that flies over for the websites, practical I find.


Welcome to the BMC community, @thomasbnt!

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Thanks !

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Welcome to Buy Me A Coffee @thomasbnt–we’re so glad you’re here! Glad to hear you’re finding BMC’s simplicity useful. One of our top goals is to ensure that the platform is easy and intuitive to use. If you have any feature requests, feel free to add them here: https://buymeacoffee.canny.io/feature-requests

Hope you’re safe out there!

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Hello! Help for what? :coffee:@Selena_Stevenson

Integrate the wigdet on your webpage and share your BMC page on social networks!

yes, uh, if you want to know about BMC and privacy, contact admins directly

Here : https://www.buymeacoffee.com/home

Hi Thomas, thanks for reporting. We’ve suspended the spam account.

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