Hi from a 13 year-old! πŸ‘‹

Hi there :wave:,

I’m a thirteen-year-old web developer from India and I create open-source projects with Javascript, Node.js and Vue. I aim to earn money with BMC to manage my open-source projects (domain costs, hosting, etc.). Would be nice if you bought me a donut to support my projects at https://buymeacoffee.com/khaleelgibran.

https://github.com/khalby786 if you’re interested in checking out my open-source projects. You can also view my website at https://khaleelgibran.com.

Have a great day everyone!


Welcome! Happy to see this :orange_heart:: https://twitter.com/buymeacoffee/status/1285578661198917632?s=21

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Welcome to the community and best wishes to you on your open source projects!

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Thank you! :blush: