How about a more comprehensive search when exploring creators?

Would it be possible to develop a more comprehensive way of searching out other Buy Me A Coffee Creators? Right now, it seems to be that the only thing the “Explore Creators” searches is the name of the account (like in my case, David B).

What would really be nice is a way to search for people with particular interests. It would be nice to see if there were any other retro computing enthusiasts in the community. To do this, we would probably need to add “tags” of some sort to our account, so we could be found with the search.

Any possibility of doing this in later updates to the service?


Hey David–you read our minds! This feature is in the works, as we want to enable an easier way for creators to find each other and for like-minded folks to link up with their tribe. Thanks so much for bringing this up :raised_hands:


That’s great news, @pia! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post! :grin: