How are you promoting your products here?

He folks,

I’m a musician writing and producing songs and videos I licence under Creative Commons.

I want to get people to support me via small donations for special services, e.g. a hand written lead sheet of a song or a video with their name in the credits. So I started to set up a shop on my BMAC page.

But I’m a bit puzzled now as to how to promote my services there. Usually in a shop people can see, feel, smell etc. what’s in it for them. In the BMAC shop creators have only 280 characters plain text to introduce and praise a product. No pictures, no formatting. 280 characters and a Buy-button. But I’d rather let people see more of what they get befor they buy it.

So atm I see two ways to describe my products in more detail before I make people click “buy”:

  1. The product link on the BMAC-Shop forwards my potential supporters/customers to a page on my blog where they can see, feel, smell etc. what I’m trying to sell. - Con: People see the proper description for the product only after they paid for it.
  2. I set up a page on my blog with a proper description of what I want to sell, and include the BMAC widget or -button. - Con: The BMAC button on my blog redirects users to my BMAC-page instead of to the shop or the product. Installing a paypal button directly on my blog would be less cumbersome for my supporters.

Are there other ways of promoting products that I don’t see? What are your experiences with praising your products in the BMAC shop?

Cheers and thanks a lot for your time!


Hey @torsten, good to see you here on BMC and in the Creator Community!

I hear you on current limitations on Shop, rest assured the team has taken this into account. Currently we have a feature request for a photo to be added to Shop and you can find (and upvote) for it here:

If you have other recommendations or suggestions, feel free to add them to here:


Another option is creating a pinned BMC post with the details of the products, photos, and links to further information.


Thanks @pia! I’m looking forward to shop improvements =)

@PaoloAmoroso: You are a genius! I’ll try this out.

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