How can I add member only Vimeo videos?

I have some videos that are currently only available to Patreon members. I’ll be honest, it’s not going well.

So I thought, hey I should make them available on BMC and see if it can drive some membership.

The question is, how/if I can do that on BMC? The videos are more an on-going course.

Thanks for any help, suggestions.

The first thing that comes to mind is creating members-only BMC posts with links to the unlisted videos, assuming Vimeo supports something like YouTube’s unlisted videos.

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Hey @pwitham, are you thinking of using the videos exclusively for members only? If so, you can do that as @PaoloAmoroso suggested by embedding the video (you can do that by linking the Vimeo url) on a post and checking the “Members Only” box on the right hand side. Hope this helps!

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@PaoloAmoroso and @pia thanks for the suggestions, I will take a look further into this, really appreciate you taking the time to respond and offer tips.

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