How often do you post to Buy Me a Coffee?

I’m curious. How often do you post to Buy Me a Coffee?

I usually post when I have an app update, which is once a month. I’ve started weekly live streams developing a coffee brewing app and am going to post the recordings after the streams to Buy Me a Coffee also.

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I post to members at least twice a month, publicly when I have an update but hopefully at least onece per month.


Hey there!

I try my best to post twice a week. Once on Sunday for my ongoing mini-series, and the other any day of the week just to keep the writing muscle going.

Coding must be exhausting. How do you do it weekly?

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@PaoloAmoroso that seems like a good amount!

@Kahiri It’s not really that exhausting since it’s something that I enjoy :smile:. I feel writing my blog posts are a bit more exhausting than developing the app.

Wow, really? You learn something new every day, as the old saying goes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll get to finding that personal posting section of my profile… I’m still pretty new here after months of procrastination! LOL

Right now, I’m trying to find my posting rhythm. It’s challenging because I’m already a blogger and I’m working on a book, so…I don’t want posting here to distract me from working on my main projects.

I like the idea of just posting updates. So maybe I should just post here when I’ve updated my blog or reached a milestone on creating my book (?)

I would love to know how often other bloggers or writers post to BMC, so I can get a better feel of what could be right for me.