How to charge or sell tickets for your meeting?

Use this hack to charge or sell tickets to your online events. Can be Online Yoga classes, Teaching and what not on Zoom or other live streaming platforms.

Easy way: Go to Shop and copy-paste private webinar link from zoom or other platforms that’s scheduled. Let your audience buy them from there easily to access webinar.

Recommended way: Enable Memberships and create an event.



Paid Zoom meetings are possible with Extra’s and it’s listed as one of top use cases for creators to offer to their audience. Selling tickets to Zoom meetings or webinars are easier and done in one click. Here’s how to add a zoom meeting on paywall.

How to sell tickets to Zoom Meetings or charge for Zoom Call

When choosing an Extra, select Zoom event as an Extra.

Fill in zoom meeting details and click add this Extra.

Even better is using Zapier Zoom Integration for Buy Me a Coffee.

@Felix_Josemon Great how-to. Thanks.

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