How to Fix Zapier Error when Adding GIFs/Images on Tweet, solve "media type unrecognized" issue

So when I was trying to add GIFs to zapier twitter automation, I got this error

The tweet could not be sent to Twitter.

The app returned “media type unrecognized.”.

It took a while to understand what the issue was here. And I was able to fix them in no time after.

So, whenever you add an Image, Video or GIF (protip: use buy me a coffee stickers on giphy), we naturally add the link to gif, not the image url address.

This is the reason for “media type unrecognized error” on zapier.

How to Fix this?

We can get image address of each gif by right clicking and clicking on “copy image address”. You just need to paste that in the field marked below.

The issue will be solved:)