How to link your Buy Me A Coffee and social profiles from a Twitter profile

A Twitter profile has only one field for directly linking a website. But the bio converts the text of URLs into clickable links, which lets you add there your Buy Me A Coffee page, social profiles, your newsletter or blog, and more.

Just edit the profile and type or paste the URLs into the bio.

Be sure to omit https:// as the field accepts up to 160 characters. This way the bio is more compat and easier to read, and the URLs are easier to remember. A nice touch is to preceed URLs with descriptive emojis such as a coffee cup or folded hands for the Buy Me A Coffee page, a globe for a website, a mailbox for a newsletter, books for an author page, a newspaper for a blog, and so on.

Here’s what a bio with such links may look like in a Twitter profile. It’s too long but gives an idea of what’s possible.

The text of your bio goes here. :coffee: :mailbox_with_mail: :newspaper: :books:


Here’s another sample bio (I have to post the samples separately as new users can include up to 5 links per post):

The text of your bio goes here. :pray: :movie_camera: :camera: :earth_africa:


An yet another sample bio:

The text of your bio goes here. :mailbox_with_mail: :newspaper: :movie_camera: :camera: :earth_africa:


The admins may want to check the admin dashboard as my posts in this thread have been flagged as spam because they contain several URLs. They are inactive URLs that lead nowhere and are for demonstration purposes.

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Thanks for sharing this info! Such a great way to utilize Twitter bio and promote different links to your audience :raised_hands:

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Thanks @pri and @pia. It’s a simple but effective trick that may work on other platforms, too.