How to monetize a newsletter with Buy Me A Coffee

There are traditional ways of monetizing email newsletters, such as paid subscriptions or ads. Buy Me A Coffee provides an additional option that’s promising and easy to setp up. Just add a link to your Buy Me A Coffee page from the issues of the newsletter.

Newsletter platforms let you create a template for new issues, where you can add the link. It may be as simple as a text link or a button with the Buy Me A Coffee logo made from an image in the downloadable logo kit. A good spot for the link is the end of the issue, or a section where you add other calls to action.

I have a text link at the end of my newsletter’s issues, where I encourage readers to share the issues or buy me a coffee.

I launched my newsletter only recently and it has few subscribers. But I’ve got one supporter payment I can trace back to the newsletter. And readers seem to be interested or curios as the link is getting clicked.


Love this so much! We also published a similar article on the Buy Me A Coffee blog awhile back so I’m happy to see more on the topic, specially now that we see more and more folks able to monetize their newsletters :pray: