How to send a message to an individual member

Is there a way of sending a message to a new member? I mean a personal note in addition to the default thank you message.

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I can only see using their email address to send them a message, which is listed it their membership details.

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Thanks, that’s what I suspected. But I hesitate as there’s no indication whether they explicitly opted-in to receive communications other than receipts and reward-related notifications or content.

Its not email subscription… you’re sending them an email to contact personally… :wink: if you want to use their email for marketing purposes then that’s against privacy act… unless you contact them personally then there is no issue with that.

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I received an anonymous coffee that was paid through Stripe, which gives the Person’s email, so I thanked them. As @warengonzaga mentioned that’s not a marketing email, but a personal contact.

With all current regulations (CAN-SPAM, CASL, etc) I believe it’s also OK for you to include link to sign up to opt-in for your newsletter or marketing emails in something like a thank you email.