I can't make a post

I keep trying to make a post, but nothing saves or gets posted except the title. I’ve used a chrome browser and safari. I’m using macOS.

I did start a conversation with support team on buymeacoffee.com, but I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue.

And the issue is copy and pasting into the field does not work. I tried rich text and then I tried without formatting. Once, I did not copy and paste anything, then it worked alright. Thought I got a bit closer to the issue, but I just typed what I was trying to post and hit publish and it was all gone. I’ll make a blog post not on buy me a coffee and hopefully be able to link to it on my page.

What exact issue do you have? Did you contact BMC team for your issue?

I started a conversation with the support team about it, but I couldn’t get a post to publish except for the title. Seems like if the post included a photo and a video or if the post was copied and pasted from another app is when the issue occurred. I tried 2 different browsers on my MacBook Pro.

I was able to get something to post, which was from my iPad but it didn’t include the photo or video like I wanted.

Hey @appsbymw! Looking into this right away. Sorry about that and thank you for reporting.

Hi @appsbymw, kindly share a sample source which you used to copy paste contents so that we could reproduce the issue at our end.

Thanks @anaswara and @liyasthomas!

Here’s a link to a github gist with what I was trying to copy in https://gist.github.com/appsbymw/1b3725206fe23df26daba973e3e7a1ad

I was also trying to add this image

right before features and then I made the last link in text a video.

I know that BMC editor doesn’t work with markdown links, so before saving I would get rid of those links and make the text in brackets a link just like it would happen if it would support markdown links.

Like I said, I tried Copy and Paste as Rich Text, which would get copied in, but then if I tried to save, only the title would save. I then tried to copy and paste as plain text and it would also do the same. I tried just typing some of the text and saved and it worked until I added the photo and video, then the post wouldn’t publish.

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Hi @appsbymw, thanks for the detailed info. We’ll push a fix in a jiffy. I’ll ping you once it’s live. Thanks for the patience.

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