Ibarra: Game Streamer and (Self-proclaimed) Writer

I go by my IGN: Montgomery Ibarra, my friends call me Monty for short and I commonly have the ID Ibarra9510 (or Ibarra_9510).

What I mainly do is write fan-fiction set in the world of Black Desert Online that I started in April 2019, and post my stories on the Official Black Desert SEA forum and on my website. It was just around this year (2020), that a friend of mine suggested Buy Me A Coffee to monetize my content, and I never left since. I don’t claim to be the good in writing stories but I always try my best. Hopefully, my writing improves as I continue writing for the days to come.

These days I’ve started streaming on Facebook Gaming and my schedule is around 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (UTC+8). I mainly stream Black Desert SEA but I also stream other games to showcase my noob gameplay. My gameplan is as time went by, I hone my skills in the said games I play, growing as time went by.

Introverted as I am, I started streaming on Facebook Gaming so I can improve my social skills and try to interact with my viewers.


Hi Monty, welcome! Thanks for being here—can’t wait to read your fan fiction. Do share your Buy Me A Coffee page with us and if you haven’t already, you can also share your writing on Posts :raised_hands:

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Will do! Thank you for the warm welcome @pia! I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve written here.

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