Ideas for membership rewards you can provide right now

If you’d like to set up a Buy Me A Coffee membership plan, but are on the fence because you don’t know what rewards to provide, stop hesitating and take the plunge.

As a creator you probably already have valuable products, services, or content you can provide in a membership plan. Here are a few ideas that leverage these assets and take little or no additional effort:

  • coupons for purchasing your ebooks or digital content at a discount, or for free
  • members-only posts with your reading list, a curated list of the links to the best content in your niche (you already read a lot from many sources, just save the links somewhere)
  • members-only posts with a list of the new profiles you follow on social platforms and their best quotes, tweets, or posts

What are your ideas? Here let’s focus on the ones that take little or no additional effort.


Nice list @PaoloAmoroso. Here are two more:

  • For those who blog, do a monthly email that features:
    • An as-yet-unpublished post, letting your subscribers be the first to read it
    • A few links to relevant older blog content
    • A paragraph about what you’re working on
    • Shout-outs to new subscribers to make them feel welcomed
    • Shout-outs to subscribers who have shared or quoted your content to let them know you noticed and to encourage others to do the same.

Essentially you’ve created a monthly newsletter without much work. This could also be done as a member-only post here on BMC, as Paulo mentioned.

  • Companies often offer special sales for their affiliate linkers. Use your BMC member-only posts to clue members in on the specials that are up their alley. These can benefit them with cheaper prices and you with referral fees.

I was just thinking about doing a monthly recap that went to my BMC supporters. I know I don’t have any yet, but there being something to go back to once I do will be good.

I’ll make sure to add a new/current supporter spot once I get them!


@appsbymw My experience with supporters is that (unless they specifically state they want to remain anonymous) they appreciate the shoutout. It makes them feel like part of an exclusive community.


All great suggestions, I’m furiously making notes :slight_smile:

Another couple of suggestions

  • A 1hr one-on-one depending on your area of expertise
  • A members only discussion forum on your service of choice

I’ve been creating PDF versions of the software reviews I’ve written for my computing blog and uploading them to a private cloud share, which those who’ve bought a membership have been given access.


Great share, @PaoloAmoroso and @WolfeWithAnE . And very timely :slight_smile: Today we’re announcing a new Membership feature to take things to the next level. Stay tuned!


It occurred to me with rewards like these we effectively put together a Minimum Viable Membership.

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