In the time of COVID-19

Got resources you want to share with the #CreatorCommunity about how to navigate + survive COVID-19? It can be in any way–whether creative, physical, spiritual, financial, etc.

Stay safe out there!


Thanks for bringing this up @Pia. I live in a fine little housing co-op in the US and am also on the board there so I’m having to take a look at the pandemic from multiple angles in order to help our micro community cope. Here are some of my thoughts:

COVID-19 is a genuine modern-day plague and the world needs to treat it as such. It’s been ranked twice as contagious as the flu and 20 times more fatal. The more we follow proven procedures, the quicker this will get under control. Avoid traveling, social distance yourself, self-isolate, seek medical help if you have flu-like symptoms, live virtually. Even if your area of the world has been minimally effected so far, heeding this advice from the experts to slow and stop the spread of the virus is the best way to get the world back to normal.

This virus will affect the world’s economy even more than it affects our personal health. Once the virus is quelled it will take some places months, possibly years to fully recover financially. If your income isn’t stable (as in you’re not a salaried Apple employee being paid to stay home) weigh your options for keeping yourself financially afloat through the end of the year, not just the end of the month. Check in your area to see if those people and companies you pay monthly bills to have made provisions to defer payments, etc. Here in the US, many utility companies have agreed not to turn off services for non-payment.

This is a great time to create. Since you’re shut in, consider projects you’ve been putting off. Write, draw, code, make video. The busy world has suddenly stopped spinning for a minute and people are hungry for content. If you can deliver it virtually, this is a great time to get new content out there in front of people.

Now is the time to ask people to buy you a coffee. If you’ve been hit financially by the virus, let people know. There are incredible acts of generosity happening. Locally, our restaurants are restricted to carry-out only and the other day a guy left at $2500 tip at his favorite eatery to help the staff through these tough times.

Have hope. We’ll all get through this. Thanks to all the channels we have today for communication, the world as a whole has reacted quickly. We all have the knowledge of what it will take to end it.

Solidarity, Redge.


Here’s a guide to following Coronavirus news. Although US-focused, it provides some good general advice.


I wrote a blog post on how to cope with the anxiety of everything going on.

Please be safe and healthy!


Hi @Pia and everyone in the #CreatorComunity! As you said, this is a really challenging time for us. What I’ve done to cope a little bit with all this stress and anxiety - and try help other people to process this feelings as well - is creating a free coloring book. Drawing all these mandalas and scenes helped me A LOT during the first two days of quarantine, and I wanted to share this with any other person that might find it interesting or helpful to bear this situation.

Now, more than ever, it’s really important to take your time to cut off the news and saturation, switch off the TV, laptop and mobile phone and just re-connect with your inner child. Art heals our minds!

You can find the book here:](

Hope it helps!
Take care :slight_smile:

All the best,