📸 Introducing Photo Albums, an improved Post Editor, and beautiful social sharing images!

This week our focus was on Publishing tools. Now you get a whole new post editor with less clutter and tons of new features. We’re also introducing Photo Albums post type!

Completely new post editor with Markdown support and Intuitive editing features to make writing easier and prettier.

New Image gallery to share all your image content in hi-res with your followers.

New social sharing images that display supporter comments and post titles when shared on the socials.

We’ve got a surprise next week, stay tuned. :wink:


Markdown support is great!!


This is fantastic! Really love to try it out!


Ah, it’s so nice to be able to add working URL links into my posts, now. Thank You! Unfortunately, now I have to go back and update all of my previous entries to make the URLs work. Oh well.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by working URL links. Can you please elaborate?

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Sure! In my older posts, I included links to entries on my blog. But, I could not make them “clickable” in the old editor. So, you had to copy and paste the URL into your browser’s navigator in order to read them.


Ah, I see. We’ll see if we can convert those old links too. Thanks for the feedback!


Fantastic, @jijo! I just went to look at an older post of mine and the URL that was in there is now a working link. Thank you so much! :partying_face:


Got it, thanks. I didn’t realize there was an issue as links were already clickable when I created my first post.


Is Markdown support not fully supported? I’ve tried multiple times to insert links with the markdown syntax [text to show](https://link.goes/here) and a link is not made.

Is there also a browser to use the intuitive editing fixtures? When I click the link icon, nothing happens.


Hi @appsbymw :wave:

We do have Markdown support except for auto link generation. This feature is disabled due to security concerns.

Checkout this markdown cheatsheet for common syntax.

Here’s a GIF of “How to use markdown syntax on Buy Me A Coffee post editor”.

Happy to help!


Thanks! I’m now less excited for markdown support. I thought this would allow me to transfer my blog posts a lot more quickly, but it still requires another step. Is there plans to support all of Markdown’s syntax?

I write all my blog posts in Markdown, this includes links, images, and tables. The main reason for this is because I like to write on my iPad, so everything being text based is a lot easier to handle. Without having true Markdown support, I’m still not going to be able to post seamlessly from my blog to my Buy Me a Coffee page, which is a bummer.

I’ll contact support asking how to link in a post. I think there’s an issue there. I can’t highlight text and put in a link, and linking markdown is not supported.


Not sure if this helps or not, but I was having issues with inserting an image, until I tried using another web browser. Then, it all worked as it should. In my case, Pale Moon (forked from Firefox) is my day to day browser, but Vivaldi (forked from Chromium) is the one the editor worked best with.

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That’s what support suggested, and I still need to try. I had to go to the day job. I’m using Safari, which I was hoping would be good enough since it’s a built in browser. I’ve been trying to keep Chrome off my MacBook for resource and battery reasons.

I would still like full MarkDown support. It would just make cross posting easier.

Update: This works in the Brave browser.


Hey, that’s great! At least it’s an option for you. And, I know what you mean about Chrome. I like Vivaldi’s browser, but it just slows everything down so much on my Linux laptop.


To add link to a text, simply select the text and click “:link:” (link icon) from popover. Type in / paste URL in the input box.

I afraid there’s no support for “Text highlighting” in Markdown syntax other than common styles like Bold, Italics etc.

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Hi there!

May I know which Pale Moon version you were on?

I just tried uploading images from Pale Moon v28.8.4 (latest stable) and it seems to be working fine. I suggest you to update the browser to the latest version with bug fixes and improved stability.


Hi, @liyasthomas! I just upgraded to the latest release (28.8.4) and still see the same results.

Notice, in the video, how I can add a video okay, but when I try to click on the Image icon next to it, nothing happens. I should note that, when I’m creating a new post, everything works just fine. I just have this issue with older posts that I wish to edit.


Hi @DavidB,
The completely revamped Post Editor v2 is available for Posts created from Feb 17th onwards.

From the given screenshot, it seems the post is created before the major update. For older posts, the legacy editor will be available.

While we investigate on why the image upload functionality isn’t working on Pale Moon browsers, enjoy the feature-rich Post editor for your next articles :tada:


I appreciate the clarification on the syntax. Linking the general markdown cheatsheet makes it seem like all of that syntax is supported. I did realize that I can copy rich text, and that it copies easily to Buy Me a Coffee.

Also, the team is quick to make some fixes, so that’s awesome!!