iOS app - iPad improvements

Hey all. Really loving this community. Only been on here a few days but really starting to like coming here daily to see what’s new,

Anyways - I primarily use iOS. I use it to make my YouTube channel “JohnPaulMusicUK” - I film on iPhone, I edit on iPad with LumaFusion and very rarely use a traditional computer these days.

I would LOVE to see an update to the buymeacoffee app where it’s landscape and iPad glorious! Hehe. I know I can log in to the website but I don’t get notifications that way cause I get waaayyyyy to many emails a day. So the app is better cause I can respond to my coffee buyers quicker. There is so much more real estate on an iPad… and I Just hate the iPhone app as a small screen portrait app on an iPad (Instagram does this and is annoying).

Also a 4th button at the bottom for memberships.

Any thoughts on this?


@JohnPaulMusicUK I’m with you on this. I shoot with iPhone and edit with iPad. My iMac is about to turn 10 years old and just used for watching Netflix. A robust iPad BMC app would be great.