Kia ora everybody!

Hello everybody. I’m Myron and I just joined BMC today and wrote my first post! I really like the simple and clean UX and the idea of creating individual posts at subscription. I much prefer it to the newsletter model at Substack—which I couldn’t quite work into my writing routine—and Patreon, which was too complicated and unworkable as well. I haven’t quite figured out everything yet, but I’d love to trade ideas with you. I’m also interested in developing and improving my storytelling technique. Hoping to learn a lot from the whaneau here and rack up a few cuppas!


Welcome here and on BMC !


Welcome! BMC is definitely a bit more simple!


Glad you’ve joined us.


Welcome and great to see you here on BMC @stilljustmyron! I’m glad you’re finding the simplicity of the platform–we really want to make it as easy as possible for creators to use so they can focus on creating. We also have another thread that you may find helpful where writers and bloggers share tips; you can check it out here:

Here’s to your audience & storytelling!


Welcome to the party :tada:

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Welcome to the community!

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Hi there!
Welcome to the community! :smile:

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