Marketking Digital is Create Digital media and Ebooks and how to information

Hi everyone I am new on here, I enjoy creating explainer videos, just started a channel on youtube to show my productions.

I maybe creating for this community soon. Subscribe to my page. to get latest news on e-commerce stuff. I enjoy reading what is happening in this space.

Hwy @MD_Eijaz welcome. I’m from Cincinnati where explainer vids were born. Nice demo. Curious what animation software you’re using.

Hi Interesting it was born in your area, I used powerpoint and camtasia, do you like it?

What do you do?

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I retired a year ago, but used to write scripts and storyboards for these as part of my marketing job. We made innovative fundraising software. Many new features were cutting edge and required 'splainer videos to educate the market.

Most of the productions I created start to finish for the company were really simple, due to the hours needing to be spent on other marketing projects. I used Animation HD on iPad and Keynote and iMovie on Mac. Keynote has a surprising amount of animation capability.