Member only podcast - how?

Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can help?

When I want to provide extra video content for members I use the ‘unlisted’ setting on Youtube, with a link to the video from the member area.

Is it possible to do this with podcasts? I am using Anchor to upload podcasts.


For a private podcast you need an RSS feed for people to subscribe to. I don’t believe that is an option here at BMAC. I haven’t played with the BMAC membership tools yet. I need to investigate. You might be able to embed a player into a post for members only (but they would need to use BMAC to retrieve the content which may deter some people).


If all you need to access a private RSS feed is a URL link, then yes, you can use BMAC’s Membership option. Just make sure you don’t publish the URL anywhere else.


Great to see you here, Al. Members-only podcast is on the roadmap. Shouldn’t take more than a month. For now, I’d upload the private episodes to a soundcloud, and link/embed them on your BMC posts. Just like you’d use Youtube unlisted.

P.S we’d be happy to migrate the audio content for you when the native podcast feature is live! :100:


Thanks everyone for the responses. @jijo it sounds like the Soundcloud option is what I’m looking for.

It’s important people find it easy to play.


Hi @Alastair, I created you a feature request…

Please vote it so we can push this to development…

Thanks @jijo for the suggestion… soundcloud requires subscription… which is additional cost if you are able to cover that inside BMC then that would be good.


Just a thought but couldn’t you put the RSS feed behind a coffee link?.


Yeah, I kind-a thought the same thing would be possible.


I know nothing about creating an RSS feed! I only know how to upload podcasts to standard platforms via Anchor

Thankyou, upvoted! (And now I am writing extra unnecessary text because these posts are minimum 20 characters :laughing:)


You would build your podcast and follow the instructions below to get your feed url.

Then you would go to your shop and create a coffeelink from that feed url. People could then buy access to the link which they could paste into most podcast apps.


Just a heads up though – coffeelinks are one-off payments, not recurring. I think @Alastair is looking to offer it as a membership reward.

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@jijo @nblackburnOK I could just post a link in a member only post to a private RSS feed. But it looks like on Anchor I would have to make the whole podcast either automatically distributed to podcasting platforms or manually distributed like that, whereas I want only selected episodes to be manually distributed.


Ah ok, i didn’t see that mentioned.

I have no experience with Anchor but if a membership thing is what you are after then the member-only post makes sense. What i have seen done before is there is two feeds, one for the general public (ad-supported) and another which is premium (ad-free). The premium one is the one that is given to members-only.

1 Like also has private episodes options called “File for download only.” So you could have public episodes that go to your feed (and then Apple, the world, etc) and “Download only” episodes that you can embed in your membership. The reason I bring this up is Soundcloud hasn’t put in categories that came out in 2017 (not a typo) for podcasting (there are much better solution - but I guess you get what you pay for). In full disclosure I work for Libsyn, but I was a customer for 10 years before joining their team.

You just need to make sure that you don’t let Anchor submit your feed “for you.” This video explains more about Anchor.