Must Known Top Hashtags for Creators in 2020

What hashtags do you use on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms? What are some of must known hashtags for creators to ensure maximum reach for the content. (It can be specific to your industry too)


I’ve been using Twitter for over a dozen years but I can’t remember a single one of my tweets reaching a wider reach because of using a hashtag.

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When I use a Paris related hashtag on Twitter, pointing to an event that’s going on and of course related to what I post, that seems to work well.


This is what exactly I was looking for. How would you compare the posts(performance, replies, engagements) , with hashtags and without hashtags? What has been working for you?

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well I use to track my views and engagements and guess what… #buymeacoffee hashtag was a very good hashtag this month :wink:


I find hashtags can be a mixed bag of results, if you are in or targeting a specific niche that has very specific hashtags then it can work in your favor. However, if you are trying to target too broad an audience then they don’t tend to be effective.

This combined with the way they build peoples timelines now just adds to things getting lost in the mix, I would love to know how many people just click in the trending tags and never look any further than that.

Just my two cents.


To reach fellow bloggers and writers on Twitter I use:
@ArtistsBloggers also retweet and promote any art or blog promotion post you tag them in.
Hope this helps.

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