:( my coffee cup is empty

:frowning: my coffee cup is empty and the world could care less, who cares that I am almost 42, and have had one hell of a hard life. who cares I am actively doing my best to live and build a life. who cares. Ill tell you. No one. I joined #buymeacoffee, but it like everything else has proven to be useless.


Hi Phil, sorry to hear you’re discouraged. For me, buymeacoffee works best as a place for potential supporters to go and find out more after they’ve already discovered things that I’ve given away for free that have resonated with them. It took many months of building trust on Youtube providing content that was useful to people, before only a small handful of them were open to donating. It takes time. Best wishes. Alastair


Sorry to hear about your hard life and empty coffee cup. I just wanted to reach out and sent you something positive.

For me buymeacoffee is new, I think my timing is good since my art projects are followed by many who appreciate my efforts. Believe me when I say there have been lots and lots of years I felt discouraged by how audience reacts (better said how they don’t react), it takes time to built up a relationship with your audience. For me it works to try and respond to everyone who drops me a note or replies to a post.

Hang in there and keep believing in yourself and the things you like to share with the world.


Don’t give up. It took me a long time being here (talking a year or so here, not weeks or months) before getting my first coffee. Just try to stay positive and keeping posting content. Sooner or later, something will strike a chord and you’ll find your audience.


I know it sucks when things don’t go your way. There are many things that can contribute to this that have nothing to do with you. For example, I did a podcast for musicians and those people have no money. It may be that the timing is off. It may be that your audience is not big enough yet (I typically see 3% of my audience might contribute (my last calculation was 1%). Radiolab (a VERY popular podcast had 29,000 contribute to their crowdfunding campaign. That was only .7% so don’t get discouraged.

Something you can look into is your audience will deliver value when YOU deliver OVERWHELMING value. So you need to make sure that you are providing is valuable. How do yo do that? By asking them what they want. Then give it to them on a consistent basis. As harsh as it sounds, nobody will give you “pitty” money cause you had a hard life (because most of us had one as well. I think we all can say Jr. High school sucked). So look for ways to serve your audience. Zig Ziglar said the best way to get the things you want is to make sure you help other people get what they want.


I feel you, friend. But don’t be discouraged. When I first joined BMC I didn’t earn anything. I just keep on doing what I love to do, writing stories, it took almost over a year until I start “renovating.”

I created a new BMC page and changed how I approach my hobby of writing and utilizing BMC. (I know I should’ve just edited my first BMC page instead of deleting/deactivating[?] it and create a new one, but what’s done is done hahaha). And on Jan 30, 2020, I finally earned my first coffee.

I know it’s not my place to say this because I’m still relatively new to BMC but… my point is… Don’t stop doing what you love. It is a hard road, yes, but it’ll be all for nought if you stop.

Maybe it’s just you haven’t found your right audience yet. Keep providing value and present yourself out there, reach more people. You can do it!


That’s a fine and healthy way of approaching it! :+1:


Hang in there, I am sure it will come. If you are passionate about what you do and it comes through in your work then people will eventually pick up on it and hopefully say thank you.

I often feel things on the Web need such a massive amount of visitors to get a result that it can seem hopeless, but then one day you get that one person that starts the charge and the train starts moving.

It took me a good couple of years of constant work with no reward to get a foothold and build some authority on what I share before people started to take notice.


Yow @woctxphotog this is to encourage you… I recently received 5 cups of coffee unexpectedly. While working on updates for an open-source project someone appreciates my effort to update the outdated repo. So don’t be discouraged… just do your passion and the support comes next!


Hey Phil,

Most of us here are in your same boat. I’m 63 and my first coffee was bought a few weeks ago. I’ll share how it it happened, since it came from an unexpected place.

I wrote a very specific blog post on accessorizing a Roland SP-404 sampler. Way down in the posts is a mention and link to the Kolibri stand from CremaCafe, a craft builder. The owners, Andrea and Elisa, saw it and kindly bought me a coffee to show appreciation for the mention.

This wasn’t an affiliate link I might be paid for, just a recommendation and link to a cool product I saw that fit the article. It gave me hope that these struggling builders supported me: a struggling content creator. Lesson learned: The tips came from the little guys, people just like us. That helps me focus on keeping my content friendly and talking on a personal level in order to build a network of readers I have a personal connection with, which is more likely to get me more coffees in the future.

Sidenote: Legendary hip hip producer Dibia$e (pictured in the Instagram post at the top of the article) passed a few tweets back and forth with me after he read it. Ya know, ya just never know where the love will come from.

Hopes up bruddah.


Agree! Just wait just do your passion and the support comes next!


It took me a while before I got my first cup of coffee. I still only have 2 cups of coffee. It just takes time for people to see your page and to decide to spend money. I’m sure it’ll come.


Thank you for the responses. I do appreciate them, and all of you for taking the time to respond. Thanks.


It also should be noted that the patronage model that BMC is part of is gaining in popularity. I think we’ll all see more coffee as paying for content becomes more the norm.


:smiley: :tada: :taco: :taco: :taco: