My Quest to Build the World's Largest & Most Beautiful Coffee Mug Collection

GREAT NATIONS & CITIES MUG collection is a journey to build the world’s most incredible selection of coffee mugs. Their designs will include the Seven Continents, the Major Nations and most Famous Cities around the world.

On a personal level, my mug collection is actually an attempt to immortalize and keep the memory of my best friend alive. Though in two weeks it will be exactly seven years since I had to end his life, I’ve never truly gotten over having said yes to kill ‘Vinny the Pug’.

Vinny the Pug was a real life pug whom I had the privilege of being owned by while living in Phoenix, Arizona. He was not ordinary as he developed a reputation in the Sonoran Desert that reverberated around the world. He even earned the title, ‘Vinny the Pug of Phoenix’. On these pages, it is going to be a pleasure to share stories of my being the human of the world’s most incredible canine, Vinny the Pug.


Hi there and thanks for being here at the Creators Community! I love these mugs, and may Vinny the Pug rest in paw-er :paw_prints: Looking forward to learning more about Vinny, and seeing your mug collection grow!


Hi Tia! Well you’re in luck because talking about my best friend Vinny the Pug is the thing I like to do most.

Before he was six months old we moved from Orlando which is the city of Vinny’s birth. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I’d take a new job.

One day while walking with him, we came to an interesting shaped boulder which resembled Mt. Camelback, an amazing landmark in the center of Phoenix. I took the time to coax Vinny, who was not yet a year old, to climb atop that boulder. He did so with great ease so we began visiting that rock 2 or three times a day for Vinny to practice.

By the time he’d reached one year old, he had become expert and was climbing boulders all around the Sonoran Desert. That boulder which originally caught our attention became ‘Vinny the Pug’s’ training rock. Here is a photo of him posing on top of it.


Wow, you should design for BMC too!

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