Owned Bug Reporter Badge

I just wanna flex my BMC badge here. They give me the bug reporter badge after I report a security bug to them but they are now working on it. Thanks, BMC for the quick response!


Oh, wow! That’s cool! I wonder if there’s a list of badges/titles that can be earned other than the ones here. Grats on the badge @warengonzaga

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They created this badge specially for me lol… its a token of love for reporting such sensitive bug I discover. I have another report I’m just conducting more test before reporting it again to the team hopefully will get some rewards lol.


That’s really cool! Best of luck to your testing and reports!

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@Ibarra9510 We are working on adding more badges. Please let me know if you have any cool suggestions :smiley:


That’s great! I believe more badges/achievements would be beneficial for the Creative Community as it encourages uses for engagements.

Thank you for the information, @varun!