Peer writing group?

Hey Friends!

Anyone interested in coming together to form a peer writing group? A place to send written content for feedback? A place to share different writing exorcises to help spark momentum? A place to vent when the pen has lost its ink…

I would be interested and could lead in the beginning to get it moving.

Respond here with interest!

I think intimate groups of 4-6 are best for things like this but my ears are always open.



Cool idea… I guess that’s a great way to help each other within BMC.

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I could be down for that!


Let’s get going then!

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Loving this idea! Count me in :raised_hands:

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Count me in as well! Though I’m quite shy and well… I don’t interact much…


@Read_Fiction: So I’m wondering if this should be a small group or a new forum category open to all? My experience with virtual small groups has been that people get busy with other things and suddenly you find yourself virtually alone. (Bump. Bump? Bump???)

The advantage of a larger group is that you still may get 4-6 people to comment, they may just not the same 4-6 people every time. Also, folks who chime in from the broad base of us all are more likely to have expertise that may fit that particular content better. Just a thought.

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In the interest of breathing some life into this idea I’ll share the prompt for a writing exercise I just completed and the sample I wrote to complete the exercise. Then this thread will morph into whatever it will be.

(I am currently working my way through Steering the Craft - A 21st Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story by Ursula K Le Guin … it’s $9.99 on Kindle and I would highly recommend!)

The Prompt:

Write a paragraph to a page of narrative that’s meant to be read aloud. Use onomatopoeia, alliteration, repetition, rhythmic effects, made-up words or names, dialect - any kind of sound effect you like - BUT NOT RHYME OR METER.

And here is what I let out…

Ten times and twice more I said, “I said I loved you!” And she sure as shit kept walking like the wind swept them words right on past her. Like maybe them words got carried off to some’n else. And to bake the dozen I tried a tone that might stop that dress from swishing all the way back to Savannah. I said, “I said I love you.” And the wind swept them words and swirled them around a dress that sure as shit shook to a halt. I said, “I said I love you.” And I made up the ground and give that girl what she’s always given me. I let me feel that tingle she feels into me and I felt it into her. And sure as shit that dress swished against my hips all the way back to Memphis.

“Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.”

Let’s discuss, and most importantly share your own shot at that prompt!

Next Monday I’ll post another prompt and my attempt at it?

Cheers to writing, friends!

@Ibarra9510 @Jae_Hermann @WolfeWithAnE @pia

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No need to be shy around fellow writers! We’re all winging it…


Count me in also… I write tech related blogs…

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Great! Come along!

I’m in!

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I’m actually gonna pass on this for now. Thanks though.

I need to forget how how to get some momentum going, but I’m ready!