Personalize Theme for BMC Page

Buy Me A Coffee offers a few pre-defined colors which are for some creators it is easy to use and decide. For developers and designers like me, the colors are not enough. It is hard for me to match the color of my website. Since my color pattern is based on material design.

You can help me, creators, to support this feature in BMC. Just vote for this feature!

Creators should’ve no limits!


@warengonzaga I think this a a great option.

As part of this I would like to see the color theme of the button change too. Maybe even dynamic content on the button as well. Example: “Supporters bought me XX coffees this month.” Or “Become my XX subscriber.”

I’ll add my comments to the request.


Yep I like this idea, but how about a step further and offer the ability to create an override css file?


I would definitely, agree with custom CSS! I love it… if they can support that feature then BMC is the best place for creators…